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Because every classroom deserves a trusted companion.

Take Attendance In

Our system does all the hard work for you, so you have more time in lectures or helping your students. Welcome to the simplest, fastest, and most secure attendance solution for classes of all sizes.

Friendly Layout and Zero Stress

We get it, attendance duties may become stressful sometimes. Join us for free today and see why complex attendance is a thing of the past.

Little Training Required

If you can take a picture, you can use Class Companion. Professors click two buttons to take attendance instantly. Students scan the code to mark themselves present with their smartphone cameras.

GDPR / FERPA Compliant

Security and privacy compliance is a top priority. No personal information is never shared with parties outside of our systems. We are pleased to share we are GDPR and FERPA compliant.


Modern Technology Meets
Energized Teaching

See what we are doing to bring the student closer to the teacher in a modern and comfortable way.

Say Goodbye To Unanswered Emails

With multi side-features designed to eliminate daily hassles, communicating with your students will never be easier!


Take attendance faster than ever with our exclusive tools.


Automatic notifications when something happens.


Monitor absenteeism rates in real time.


Fully prepared for remote classes.

Why Choose Us?

CritiColl is a company created by students who know the real headaches of teachers. We give total focus to what really matters in a classroom application: time savings, student performance and communication.

Over 1+ students already improved their performance using the Class Companion

Start using it now in your classroom, see the results and understand why pen and paper should stay in the past.

Class Companion Is Free For Professor And Affordable For Students

Full access to all of our tools. Join us today! See the results and understand why complex attendance is a thing of the past.

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