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Maintain Student Enrollment and Retention.
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Federal Funding

Funding makes tuition more affordable.

Higher Enrollment

Tuition affordability increases enrollment.

Increase Revenue

Higher enrollment increases revenue.

Maintain Student Retention

Initial attendance is an essential predictor of academic success.

Professors and advisors can identify and target vulnerable students at risk of dropping out or needing additional attention.

Student success matters. Attendance is key, and we make it easy!

Prepare For Compliance Inspection

Stressed with agency compliance inspections? Our automated software eases the pressure associated with preparing for compliance inspections.

Happy Faculty

Finally, a tool to simplify attendance taking! Professors no longer endure long and tedious tasks.

With the power of our software, professors can focus more on course content and less on completing administrative tasks.

A quick and painless transition for classes of all sizes.

Pricing Options

Whether you are a faculty, student, or administrator, our team is available for support. Our dedicated team will ensure assistance, quality, and success round-the-clock.