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Because every classroom deserves a simple upgrade.

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Our system does all the boring work for you, so you have more time in lectures helping your students or relaxing on the weekend. Welcome to the simplest, fastest, and most secure attendance solution for classes of all sizes.

GDPR / FERPA Compliant

Security and privacy compliance is a top priority. No personal information is ever shared with parties outside of our systems. Class Companion is 100% FERPA compliant. Your data is always safe with us.

Friendly Layout and Zero Stress

If you can take a picture, you can use Class Companion. Professors click two buttons to take attendance instantly. Students scan the code to mark themselves present with their smartphone cameras

Free for professors. Fair for students.

Student prices available as low as $1/month.
Flexible institutional plans available!

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Say Goodbye To Unanswered Emails

With our multi side-features designed to enhance the classroom experience, communicating with students will never be easier! Within seconds after sharing an announcement, students receive notifications on the screen of their smartphones!


Take attendance faster than ever with our exclusive tools.


Send push-notifications to students’ phone screens instantly!

Real-Time Absenteeism

Monitor absenteeism rates in real time.


Fully prepared for remote classes.

Why Choose Us?

CritiColl is a company founded by students who invested years talking directly to professors. Two themes were common: classroom software may be complex, and attendance taking methods required updating.

We set a goal to create the fastest and most secure attendance tool, while maintaining maximum simplicity.

Check us out for free today, and learn why we are the classroom tool professors love!

Over 1+ students already improved their performance using the Class Companion

Try us for free today, and understand why complex attendance is a thing of the past.

Class Companion Is Free For Professors And Fair For Students

Full access to all of our tools. Join us today! See the results and understand why complex attendance is a thing of the past.

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