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The most accessible software that professors love is now available at bulk prices! Keep faculty happy, advisors alert, and students succeeding. Learn the power of our exclusive administrator tools.

Real-time Absenteeism Monitoring

Initial attendance is an essential predictor of academic success.

Professors and advisors can identify and target vulnerable students at risk of dropping out or needing additional attention.

Happy Faculty

Finally, a tool to simplify attendance taking! Professors no longer endure long and tedious tasks.

A quick and painless transition for classes of all sizes.

Big Data

Trends will provide administrators with an in-depth overview of students' attendance in the same course, instructor, or semester.

Keep positive student enrollment and prevent student drop-out rates.

Pricing Options

With flexible plans and pricing, we will work closely with you to find the ideal model for your institution. Talk to an expert, and we are happy to schedule an introduction!

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